About Us

The ambitious and driven professionals from QuickLee Consult are always ready to support you: anytime, anywhere.

And let’s be honest: don’t you rather do business in your own native tongue? QuickLee Consult will communicate with you and your partners in your own language, whether this is Dutch, Korean or English.

With working experience in both economies and relying on a big business network in both countries we are capable of linking you to new customers or sales channels overseas.

Whether you need an advisory report, a sales strategy, support for shipping and clearing your goods or just finding new sales opportunities in a new country, count on QuickLee Consult.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as the 'port to Europe'. A small country bordering the UK, Germany and Belgium with a relatively large population. The knowledge-economy of The Netherlands is driven by import and export. The Netherlands is famous for its cheese, windmills, wooden shoes and DJ's, but there are many more interesting things about the Dutch economy. Discover your opportunities on the Dutch market with QuickLee Consult!

South Korea

South Korea has many similarities with The Netherlands. It is relatively small, but it has a highly population density, mainly focused on the metropole of Seoul (25 million inhabitants). Korea is famous for the innovations of Samsung, LG, Kia and Hyundai, but the market is very open to foreign products as well. Find out what QuickLee Consult can do for your company in the South Korean market!

Mission, Vision, and Values




Why Choose Us

Cultural differences
We can fully help you overcome all the cultural hassles while doing business with your sales partners. If needed, we will actively interfere in the intercontinental communication lines.
Don’t you rather do business in your native tongue? Your partners overseas might think the same. With QuickLee Consult this is possible: we are able to communicate with you in Korean, English or Dutch.
We give you best quality services with a competitive price, based on what you actually need and want. We aim to create a win-win situation for both all parties involved.
We are depending on a reliable network in both The Netherlands and South Korea. In our network are companies from all different backgrounds, sizes and industries. We will get you in touch with the right people.

Our method

1. Getting familiar

Getting familiar with you and your product!

After getting in touch with you, we are very pleased to get to know each other. We will schedule a meeting with you, physically or true for example Skype.

Besides getting to know each other, we are very pleased to get familiar with your products. Of course, without any obligations.

2. QuickLee Scan

Let us make you a ‘ QuickLeeScan’, a brief scan of the market for your product overseas.

We will make you a quick report about for example the market size, the import taxes and the potential of your product.

Together with the QuickLeeScan, we will provide you our quotation.

3. Market Research

After agreeing on our quotation, we will do a complete market research for you.

We will compare your product with competitor products,
we will analyze the market,
and we will advise you about for example the marketing strategy and the price setting.

But most important: we will search the right sales channels for you!

4. Start Sales

After finding the right sales partners: let’s start your sales overseas!

5. After Sales

Even after finding the right sales partners, our service doesn’t stop.

We will stay available for your questions, we will actively help communicating between you and your sales partners, we will assist in for example custom procedures and marketing events.

If needed, we keep expanding your sales channels overseas.

Always friendly and welcome

QuickLee Consult’s daily management consists of two passionate and ambitious partners. Feel free to contact one or both of the managers directly for inquiries or other questions.

Contact Us

  • Contact us through the details given below

  • Address: Cheongwon Building 2F, 828-5, Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Phone: +82 (0)10 8339 3556(Korean, English) | +82 (0)10 4558 2062 (Dutch, English)
  • Email: post@quicklee-consult.com